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Boost Productivity By Upgrading Your Home Office | Work From Home

Boost Productivity By Upgrading Your Home Office | Work From Home

Boost Productivity By Upgrading Your Home Office


As more people chose to work from home, home office interior design is becoming increasingly important. Your environment has a significant impact on your physical and mental health. When it comes to productivity, comfort, cleanliness, convenience and design can all impact how much work you get through. Let’s be honest, if mess, clutter and chaos helped boost productivity levels, Apple’s offices wouldn’t be as minimalist and luxurious as they are today! So, if you are finding yourself procrastinating throughout the workday, here are 4 easy ways to transform your home office.



1: Power Up For Top Performance


The frustration of a low-battery warning is enough to ruin your workflow and force you to stop your work and plug in your gadgets. Having to charge one device at a time, can be so annoying, especially if you are about to jump on a Zoom call and need your laptop, phone and wireless headphones. To avoid this work from home nightmare, invest in a fast, 4 in 1 wireless charging pad. Power up your phone, earbuds, and iWatch without wires and all at the same time. Enjoy the minimalist design of a wire-free charging dock on your desk and never see your battery hit red again.



2: Enhance With Mother Nature


Working from home can get a bit repetitive and isolation can often get you down, but there are clever interior design techniques to boost your mood. The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace study found that people who work in spaces with natural features reported a 15% higher level of overall wellbeing. The study also revealed that 6% experienced a higher level of productivity and 15% became more creative at work. So with this in mind, upgrade your home office with Mother Nature and treat yourself to this adorable and calming levitating plant pot. Rotating freely thanks to the power of magnets, this modern home office essential will give your room elegance and that must-have zen appeal.


3: Lighting For Night Owls


If you consider yourself a night owl, you will typically experience a burst of energy when the sun goes down. To help you feel ready to work at night, set the mood with this enchanting 3D LED moon lamp. Working at night can be just as productive for night owls, as it is for early birds who rise with the sun, but the lighting in your home office needs to be kept low and feature warm tones. Harsh light at night can reduce the natural hormone production that helps you get a good nights sleep. So, it’s important to complement the body’s biological clock and keep lighting at night low and relaxing with this gorgeous mood lamp.


4: Use A Desktop Humidifier


If you work from home in a small room, you should consider upgrading your space with a desktop humidifier. Dry air, especially during the colder months of the year can lead to dry and irritated skin. A lack of moisture in the air at home can also irritate your throat and sinuses and trigger allergies. To breathe with ease while working from home, choose a cute humidifier that will add moisture to the air and reduce eczema, allergies and sniffles. We love this ultrasonic cactus humidifier that will also help prevent the spread of infections in the air. Silent and with a seven-color nightlight feature, it’s a great way to upgrade your environment and boost your productivity.


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