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‘5 Genius Household Gadgets To Make Life Easier’

‘5 Genius Household Gadgets To Make Life Easier’

‘5 Genius Household Gadgets To Make Life Easier’


Let’s face it - no one really enjoys doing household chores. After a long day at work, most of us just want to relax and put our feet up. Cleaning, tidying up, and making meals from scratch is definitely NOT on our wish list. But alas, these are all things we must do to keep our lives in order. So the only option is to look for solutions that take the lackluster out of our everyday tasks.


Luckily for you, we’re here to soothe your domestic distress. We’ve curated a list of five incredible home gadgets and tools that’ll help you take the work out of housework.


Prepping Food Is A Breeze With This Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter


We love this nifty food-prep tool for its shedload of functionality - it promises to be your next best friend in cooking. Acting as a colander, grater and slicer all-in-one, this little beauty will save you space and time every single day. It even has a flower-shaped cutting attachment, allowing you to prep Michelin-worthy veg right from the comfort of your own home.


Doing the Dishes Never Felt So Good Thanks to These Magic Dish-washing Gloves

Say goodbye to those manky scouring pads and sponges. These innovative gloves are all you need for fast and squeaky-clean results. Super efficient, cost-effective and easy to use, these silicone gloves can clean any surface, and will last you a lifetime. Once you’ve experienced their cleaning magic, you’ll never want to do the dishes without them!


Wage War Against Crumbs And Spillage With This Handy Handheld Vacuum


Dirt and dust don’t stand a chance when you’re armed with this super powerful handheld wireless vacuum. Portable, powerful and unbound by pesky wires, this must-have household gadget will have you eager for some mess to appear.


Allow This Clever Drain Snake to Take The Stress Out of Unclogging


Gone are the days of tiresome plunging and pumping your pipes full of harmful chemicals.  This genius Drain Snake is the future of unclogging, making light work of those pesky drainage problems. Its comfortable grip and flexible design allows you to shift build up (even deep down), without ever getting your hands dirty. Oh, and you’ll never have to call a plumber again. Talk about getting your money’s worth!


Go Hygienically Hands-Free With This Intelligent Trash Can


Perhaps the worst job of them all, it’s safe to say no one enjoys lifting manky trash can lids to dispose of rubbish. Luckily, this Intelligent Trash Can is here to keep your hands clean and your home tidy. Its genius 360-sealing technology traps odors inside, preventing them from seeping out into your home (because NOBODY wants that Eau De Trash Can fragrance lingering in their living spaces). What’s more, this smart gadget’s sensor can recognize if you’re close, keeping the lid open for you to dump all your trash easily. Who knew a garbage can could be so clever?!

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